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Photo Exhibition :「鳥-Dromaius / to Platinum」2020 Richo Imaging Square Tokyo

Interview Minority Shape-“Bird-Dromaius / to Platinum” (Interview with Hisako Sakurai)


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Minority Shape-“Bird-Dromaius / to Platinum” (Interview with Hisako Sakurai)


I’m Okubo (O), a product planner who is both a camera and a photo nerd.

I also take pictures of birds. I take pictures of birds on the tidal flats, but they are very cautious and fly away immediately when I get close to them carelessly.

I am shooting while being nervous with a delicate sense of distance.

Some birds in the world cannot fly. For example, an emu has wings but cannot fly.

Birds are broadly divided into Palaeognathae and Neognathae. Emu are classified into the same Palaeognathae as ostriches and kiwis, however there are about 10,000 species of birds in existence, of which only about 60 are Palaeognathae.

It can be said that it has evolved in detail while looking aside at the prosperous Neognathae. The emu is as tall as 1.5m to 2m and weighs 40 to 60kg. It is said to be No. 2 in size among existing birds.

For his big body, he is less alert to people, sensitive to noise, and seems to be quite mild-mannered.