Introducing past photo exhibition 【Bird -Dromaius/ to Platinum】


An exhibition of Bird -Dromaius/ to Platinum was held at the Ricoh-Imaging Square Tokyo 2020.11.26(THU)- 2020.12.14(MON)

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Bird-Dromaius No,18

Bird –Dromaius / to Platinum

This photo exhibition was announced and recommended to be produced by using Platinum print by Professor Akira Naito an emeritus professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University, who is also a photographer. Platinum, Palladium Print has been around since I was a student. I longed for its high quality and beauty, but the materials were expensive and the threshold was high, so it was a very distant existence. 

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to show these and to be involved in the production myself. However, Platinum print cannot be produced without skill, and with alternative expertise.

I made it with the guidance of Mr. Yoshifumi Inomata of Atelier Chateigne who has advanced technology. 

Usual platinum prints are characterized by a soft colored texture, however this print is reminiscent of this ancient bird. It features a deep black that is suitable for ancient birds. Black is expressed as if China ink was applied to Japanese paper, and well expressed the ancient birds’ quiet and deep energy. In addition, the texture of this Tosa Washi paper further enhances the featheriness of the bird. I am convinced that each material and especially these birds were the best encounter to express the character of platinum print. 

On the other hand, production is a delicate and extremely difficult task, and it was very difficult to handle delicate and handmade Tosa Washi in water, and there were difficulties and failures in production.

I would like to deeply appreciate Mr. Inomata and Ms. Ohno for guiding me so far, RICHO for exhibiting, and Prof. Naito for recommending me to this opportunity.

Reason for recommendation by Professor Akira Naito

It was Mr. Inomata of Atelier Chateigne who introduced Ms. Sakurai’s work long ago. What I saw at that time was a very impressive bird photograph during the test print. After that, I was shown some photo books, all of which were powerful expressions. Ms. Sakurai is a female photographer who has been active since the 1990s, however, this time I would like to introduce a work by platinum print.Ms. Sakurai herself talks about the encounter between Ms. Sakurai and Platinum Print, however, I think that her encounter with Platinum Print and realized that this theme is approaching the final form.

The subject matter of the work transcends time and space and is very impressive in itself, however, it seems to be a further extension of the high-quality platinum print. We hope you will take a good look at it at the site.


鳥 -Dromaius / to Platinum